OK… well not a lot of stuff to update. The last week has been REALLY hectic at work and has involved an awful lot of late nights. Yeah I know, I sound like a stuck record sometimes. Still, at least I managed to cut the carbs 🙂 On the brighter note, I took time out yesterday to go see Robots at the theater. I’m not sure if it’s because of

Another day, another way

Good morning, greetings and salud! I bid you greetings from the fortress of ignorance! Hmm, that didn’t sound good. Ah well. You may note (if you visit here often) that the page hasn’t changed this week, either in appearance or text. Well, there’s a reason for that. I’ve spent this entire week working with some consultants from Microsoft Consulting Services on 3 seperate projects that are going on at work.

Darn, last day of vacation

Well, today’s my last day of the vacation I took last week which allowed me the time to create this new blog site. Keep checking in if you’re interested, I am going to continue to update this with stuff I find interesting. I’m also going to play a little bit with color schemes, so if you find this page totally disgusting one day, please feel free to contact me and

Babylon 5

Well, I didn’t put an update in yesterday because I didn’t get time. Turned out to be a pretty hectic day all in all. So what’s new? Well, I wanted to write a quick post regarding the cancellation of a Babylon 5 Theatrical movie that I heard about on Slashdot last night. For someone who’s been a fan of Babylon 5 since it was first aired on Channel 4 in

Oil… OIL!!!

Well, I left work a little early yesterday afternoon and decided to go by Autozone to pick up one of those oil-leak detection kits (UV light, dye, glasses etc.) after several days of finding a few drops of oil under the bike. Went home, changed into some grungy clothes and began searching for the oil leak and the source of the smoke that I was still getting a little of