Gallery Updates

To all, I’ve updated my galleries today. I’ve basically added 98% of all the pictures I took during my vacation to England in October. So what happened to the other 2%? Well, quite simply some of the pictures were personal, some of them I felt quite uneasy putting online… and others just weren’t to the quality that I felt was required to put them up. So, at you can

2005, We Hardly Knew Ye

I know, the monthly and weekly rags will start publishing their own “retrospectives” on 2005 today or tomorrow. By the end of the week we’ll all be sick of hearing about how wonderful 2005 was, how it sucked, and hearing again about all the things that happened in the world that we don’t really want to hear about again. Undoubtedly, only a few words will be dedicated to the hurricanes

Quote of the Day

Merry Christmas… Happy Hannukah… whatever. Just celebrate, be with your loved ones… and eat too much of stuff that’s bad for you. But don’t forget to spend a moment thinking of those who can’t be with their loved ones today… those who are fighting a war on foreign soil that seems more and more questionable every single day. Think of those who will die before it is over… and those

Just for those who don’t speak Swedish, literally; “Oh God, I own a Volvo now!” Yes, for those that know me feel free to begin snickering. However, I’m actually pretty happy with this “radical decision”. It’s true that I ride my motorbike, even as the temperature drops around here. However, the reality began to set in as I realized that my motorbike is going to be next to useless in

Happy Halloween!

A very happy halloween to my friends, relatives and casual readers! It’s that time of year when ghouls, vampires and generally the kind of people I hang out with come out of their crypts to prowl neighborhoods and suck blood. Hmm… actually that sounds like a normal Saturday night… Not much to update really, just some general stuff. I’m beginning to think that Apple’s highly successful iPod is a gateway

I’m Back!

Greetings. Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since I last wrote. Truth be told, as some people know I was in the UK for the first time in 10 years for the first two weeks in October. I visited family, toured the South of England and almost froze to death in the mountains of Wales. Still, it was a fantastic vacation and I enjoyed it a lot! I’m still

This is Not News

Good day to you, fine reader. Although I don’t post much, I do get frequent visitors to this site. To you I bid welcome. I’m not a great one for self-promotion or self-aggrandising blogs, but I do like to keep friends and relatives up to date on my latest information. Really I’ve been busy. I mean really busy the last couple of weeks both at work and at home. This

Random Thoughts

It’s been a while since I posted. Quite frankly time has been scarce of late. Basically I’ve been talking to my father again… for those that know me they know this is unusual. It’s been good, and I’m enjoying communicating with him again. Hopefully we’ll stay in communication this time. On top of that there’s been the usual hectic work schedule and home life… and of course just generally living

I guess I should be honored

So apparently my blog is at least visible enough that somebody decides to post spam to the comments for my “People are Strange” entry. I suppose I should be happy that I’m so loved… alternatively somewhat annoyed that someone’s using my comments engine to attempt to sell people something. No worries… I have this blog set up for comments to be approved before they can be seen for EXACTLY this


Not much to update on really. Weather’s typical for St. Louis apart from a rather unexpected cold streak the last week or so. Not to worry, back to 100 degrees by this weekend. This is not a good thing in case you’re wondering. Just a couple of links to post that I found myself laughing hard at. My thanks to my friends who forwarded me these two links, and keep