The Blog Lives

So yeah… I have had a dead blog for far too long. So I’m bringing it back mostly so I can just post random stuff, and provide a central location for my info. Facebook has just become such a cesspool that I can’t imagine posting my stuff there. Sure, family and friends are there but that’s why I intend to keep my stuff here and link to it from Facebook.

So anyone looking at this site can see that I imported all of my old blog posts into this new platform. In part I just did that for historical purposes and just interest. I don’t have much here yet but plan to expand this a lot. And hopefully since I’m using containerization to make this happen I can keep WordPress itself up-to-date and not have the occasional breakages and security issues. I can’t absolutely guarantee it’ll always be up; it is hosted on servers in my basement so there’s always a chance it’ll go down if my Internet connection takes a crap… but we’ll see.

So welcome. Make yourself at home. Comment, let me know if you like (or hate) my site. Tune in for updates that’ll hopefully be more frequent than before. Yeah… I know I’ve said that before, but I feel I actually have stuff to say now.


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