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It’s been a while since I posted. Quite frankly time has been scarce of late. Basically I’ve been talking to my father again… for those that know me they know this is unusual. It’s been good, and I’m enjoying communicating with him again. Hopefully we’ll stay in communication this time. On top of that there’s been the usual hectic work schedule and home life… and of course just generally living life instead of spending it in front of a computer screen typing in a blog. Hmm.

Anyway, some thoughts on using a motorcycle as a daily “driver”;

  • Be prepared to be consistently 10 minutes late for work because you’re (a) donning safety equipment, (b) flooded the bike or (c) (more likely) you decided that “the twisty route might be quicker.”
  • When you’re on a bike, you’re part of the environment. You’re a piece of the world that is travelling through it. Your vision is unsurpassed. Be prepared for other bits of the environment to become one with you… like flies, mosquitos and occasionally (painfully) june bugs.
  • On your commute to work, pass cattle trucks at least two lanes over. Failure to do so will add another piece of the environment to the above list.
  • Prepare your co-workers for the fact that most days you’ll come to work smelling of exhaust fumes, oil, gasoline and chain lube. Failure to do so may limit future advancement prospects.
  • Be prepared to explain the other smell caused by… ahem… environmental factors (see above)
  • When wearing your safety gear, be prepared to be greeted dependent upon age as (a) Robby the Robot, (b) Darth Vader/Stormtrooper, (c) Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.
  • Trust me, other people don’t drive like you’re invisible. You are.
  • Have fun! You’re combining a fun and absorbing hobby with work. After work you can look forward to doing it again. Most of your co-workers can’t do this and only have their cars to return in. If your co-workers drive a Porsche they might know a little about the exhileration you feel… but they’ll also know a lot more than you about expensive repair bills.

    Hope you enjoyed… Comment if you want to add more!

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