People are Strange

Why is it that people are acting so oddly lately? It seems to be an epidemic of people I know who have recently begun acting in ways that seem contrary to their personalities… or at least as far as I can tell. Is it some form of malaise that has struck the entire St. Louis area? Friends of mine from outside this area seem to be immune… is it something

Come Fly with Me

Ahhhh, that feels a little better. Took some time out last night to go flying. Took some pictures with my phone, but none of them turned out really except for two (and it gives me a GREAT excuse to play with embedded images in my blog text). So for your enjoyment, first we have the plane that I flew last night; And now the sunset that I took a picture

Stuff and Schtuff

It’s been a busy morning in the Haslett household… I’m knackered. Yep, there’s a good Anglicism for all you Yankees reading my blog. For those that read this blog and don’t know (and there are a few judging by the occasional emails I get), I’m British by nationality and still speak with a sort of half-English and half-Irish accent. There’s a little bit of Midwestern mixed in there now, probably

Chronic Fatigue

I’m not sure what I’m suffering from. Maybe it’s depression, or some sort of malaise but I seem to be having a problem with chronic fatigue at the moment. The symptoms? I’m tired all the time… I can’t get myself up in the mornings, though generally I am sleeping. This has been for a couple of weeks and I can’t fathom what the hell is wrong with me. It’s sort

Feeling sorta bleagh…

It’s been hell at work again. Typical. Six months ago I dropped support for our Windows 2000 Server build primarily because we were moving to a Windows 2003 environment. I developed the build myself using VB Scripts, an imaging engine and Windows PE… it works pretty well and is very flexible. However, because of the difficulty in maintaining two seperate build-trees I rescinded future development of the 2000 build and

Mostly Harmless

I can’t believe there’s actually apparently a demand for my drivelling. There’s more people reading this than I thought. Strange, I don’t advertise this… just have it linked off my Slashdot profile. For this update; my thoughts on the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy movie. Now, since I’m British and therefore practically weaned on the dry humor of Douglas Adams (he was senior writer for Doctor Who during Tom

I still exist…

Yes, for those who’ve asked… I’m still alive and kicking. Just busy as hell with work and home stuff that’s been eating me alive. Well, enough has happened of late that warrants an update I think. First is the fact that I can now update this thing from work when I’m not really busy… say during lunch… so hopefully I can get more time to work on this blog. Second,

My Life in a Nutshell

You know, it’s been a busy week… that’s part of the reason for no updates. Basically this entire week has consisted of 11pm get-home times, 7am start times and very little restful sleep. Well, at least on Wednesday I managed to get out for a beer or two, but that’s about as far as my week went. I know, boring. On the bright side (GEEK!) I got my Hauppauge card…

The Irony!

You know, now that I have a blog I start to realize the horrible irony of blogs in general; that is that when there’s lots of stuff going on in your life, you don’t have time to update the blog and TELL people about it. Conversely, when you have time to update, there’s nothing going on to write about. I’m really just putting in an entry this morning so that

Oh the pain, the pain!

I know, I promised an update sooner, but this last week has been bizarre. I’m not going to get into details, but I’ll just suffice to say that this morning I’m sitting in my study with a back-brace on trying desperately not to move for fear of extreme pain. Even typing is a chore because my right hand is hurt. So is there anything to update? Yeah, a little. I’ve