Played Chicken and Lost

In Corporate America we all play chicken. Most days we win, some days we lose. It appears I may have just lost. Effective tomorrow, September 18th 2020 I will no longer be employed by Dell Corporation, and my career as a Dell SE will be at an end. And you know what? I’m OK with this. Now, don’t get me wrong; this is hugely stressful and is a blow to

St. Louis Streetcar Map

Saw this on Reddit today and found it hugely interesting.

Best Practices for Data Integrity and Security are Frequently Written in Blood

In my job I touch on a lot of technologies. That’s good, because otherwise I would probably get pretty bored! But every now and again I get a good question come up about an aspect of technology that I think bears publishing an article about. The question in its unedited form; Serious but probably stupid question. No one in my household has more than a halfway remedial knowledge regarding computers.

Damn it

Well, with all the discounts I could apply plus the sale going on over at I ended up finding that I could save 35% off the price of a new Alienware Aurora R8 with an i7-9700K, RTX2080, 32Gb of RAM and a 1TB SSD. So yeah… I guess that means I’m getting a new gaming rig…

Star Trek: Voyager Thoughts

So yeah, I’m probably a bit late to the party since Voyager ended like 20 years ago. However, I’m watching it from the start particularly since I really didn’t watch much of the series last time. So far I’m up to the end of Season 2 so far after getting all the way through Deep Space 9 (which I generally really liked). So here are a few semi-random thoughts about

Moving Day

Well, I am moving this blog to a new location. It’s going to a new server and content is being synchronized. As a result… well it may be a day or so before I get everything back to normal because I am quite busy with a trip to Denver in the offing. So check back… the old content will return. Maybe I’ll actually update this thing. LOL… uh-huh… yeah, right

My Car Grew a Pair…

… of doors. Oh… and changed color. Hmm… lost its front wheel drive. Gained a 5-speed. And has a blue and white logo on the hood instead of the constellation of Pleiades. So what’s going on? Have I lost my marbles? No… but I have left the SVX fold for the last time. My SVX started having some issues which I won’t go into here… suffice to say they were

New Look… Material?

OK, if you checked my blog earlier today, you’d have seen that I added a new theme. Well, I intend to add more content soon, as well. Just to prove I’m not dead 🙂 Not going to make excuses; life’s been busy. I’ll fill you in soon… but it wasn’t helped by the fact that Ecto (my blog editor of choice) was having difficulty with WordPress (the blog software I

Death of a Sysadmin

Here’s a rant I posted to Slashdot today that I thought you should read. Computerworld posted an article here, that said in item number 9 that PC Network Admins were a dying computer skill. I wholeheartedly disagreed and posted the following to Slashdot as a comment on the article… Seriously, I would say demand for *good* network administrators is only going to increase because of server consolidation. Why? OK, let

New Toy… Again…

Heh… after all my prattling about the E-Ten M700, I’ve bitten the bullet and bought… something else. What? Oh… yeah. OK… so I was really sold on the idea of the M700; a slick device with a fast CPU, WM5 and an integrated GPS. The cool factor was definitely there. So what happened? Did the luster fade so fast? No, not really. I still love the M700, but I’ve been