The march of Time

Recently shopping for new hardware… partly my new game PC but also an updated Plex server for home. Can I just say that considering that Moore’s Law is long since dead, I continue to marvel at and be amazed by the fact that my 5 year old i7-based laptop is now handily matched (and in some ways beaten by) a brand new i3 in a NUC that burns about 1/6

WTF is Co-Living?

Today on a friend’s Facebook feed I saw an article on “Co-Living” or “PodSharing”. My immediate reaction was “WTF?” This… is just unreal. I mean, I get it; property prices in the Bay Area are completely insane and finding a place to live when you’re young, or an immigrant (or both) can be incredibly stressful and difficult to accomplish. But WTH is this? I was most immediately reminded of

Lack of Motivation

 You know, I feel completely un-motivated today at work 🙂 I gues that’s what happens when you’re on notice and they’re working you right up to the last minute they can. Tomorrow’s my last day here and really I find myself lacking motivation to do anything. My reasons aren’t because I’m lazy. Quite the contrary; I would rather be busy than bored any day of the week. However, the problem