Is an electric car in my future?

The question of electric vehicles is vexing to someone like me. With manufacturers announcing their intent to reduce or even eliminate internal combustion engines (ICE) in favour of electric vehicles (EV) in the next few years this question came into relatively sharp focus in the last 6 months or so. So I had to ask myself; is an electric car in my immediate future?

The march of Time

Recently shopping for new hardware… partly my new game PC but also an updated Plex server for home. Can I just say that considering that Moore’s Law is long since dead, I continue to marvel at and be amazed by the fact that my 5 year old i7-based laptop is now handily matched (and in some ways beaten by) a brand new i3 in a NUC that burns about 1/6

WTF is Co-Living?

Today on a friend’s Facebook feed I saw an article on “Co-Living” or “PodSharing”. My immediate reaction was “WTF?” This… is just unreal. I mean, I get it; property prices in the Bay Area are completely insane and finding a place to live when you’re young, or an immigrant (or both) can be incredibly stressful and difficult to accomplish. But WTH is this? I was most immediately reminded of

Lack of Motivation

 You know, I feel completely un-motivated today at work 🙂 I gues that’s what happens when you’re on notice and they’re working you right up to the last minute they can. Tomorrow’s my last day here and really I find myself lacking motivation to do anything. My reasons aren’t because I’m lazy. Quite the contrary; I would rather be busy than bored any day of the week. However, the problem