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Busy ^3

 OK, it’s been too long since I posted but things have been hectic. I don’t get time to sit down and write posts nearly as often as I’d like simply because life is too busy to believe. I do intend to post the second part of my trip report real soon, but I do have some updates on life in general that I need to put in.

Where to begin?

Well, I’ll start with “Happy New Year” to all. I know it’s been three months since I last had a chance to write, but life’s been REALLY hectic. I’ve just really not had time to write anything… but hey, I’m resolving that now, right? 😎 So want to read all about the last few months? Well, just so I can keep the blog nice and short on the main page

Oops… downtime

Sorry for anyone who tried to get to the website over the weekend. I screwed something up on the server when doing updates and didn’t realize after a reboot that Apache (the web server) didn’t restart. By Sunday morning I had cleaned up the now completely hosed Apache installation and re-built it completely from scratch. It was a good thing; it allowed me to fix a few issues I had

Everything Changed, No-one Noticed

Heh… got to amuse myself with this a little. Did anyone even notice that moved today? Yes, indeed. Basically, it was becoming impractical for me to keep running the server out of my house. I’m planning a vacation to the UK in a month, so for the duration of the trip this whole site was going to be shut down. That meant my friends sites, and my email. Of

My Car Grew a Pair…

… of doors. Oh… and changed color. Hmm… lost its front wheel drive. Gained a 5-speed. And has a blue and white logo on the hood instead of the constellation of Pleiades. So what’s going on? Have I lost my marbles? No… but I have left the SVX fold for the last time. My SVX started having some issues which I won’t go into here… suffice to say they were

More Bleeding Edge Reports

Well, my first post in a while… and want to know what it’s about? Yeah; technology. While the iPhone has been stealing headlines of late, I’ve been quietly keeping my opinions on the down-low. Generally, I have a lot of opinions about it… and this is not gong to be another rant about the iPhone. Rather it’s about my device of choice; the Cingular 8525 / HTC TyTN.

New Look… Material?

OK, if you checked my blog earlier today, you’d have seen that I added a new theme. Well, I intend to add more content soon, as well. Just to prove I’m not dead 🙂 Not going to make excuses; life’s been busy. I’ll fill you in soon… but it wasn’t helped by the fact that Ecto (my blog editor of choice) was having difficulty with WordPress (the blog software I

Death of a Sysadmin

Here’s a rant I posted to Slashdot today that I thought you should read. Computerworld posted an article here, that said in item number 9 that PC Network Admins were a dying computer skill. I wholeheartedly disagreed and posted the following to Slashdot as a comment on the article… Seriously, I would say demand for *good* network administrators is only going to increase because of server consolidation. Why? OK, let

New Toy… Again…

Heh… after all my prattling about the E-Ten M700, I’ve bitten the bullet and bought… something else. What? Oh… yeah. OK… so I was really sold on the idea of the M700; a slick device with a fast CPU, WM5 and an integrated GPS. The cool factor was definitely there. So what happened? Did the luster fade so fast? No, not really. I still love the M700, but I’ve been

Alive Again

If you’re a visitor to this site more than occasionally, you’ll probably note that (a) the system has been down for a few days and (b) that this blog has gone through a few changes. Well, there’s a good reason for that. I’ll keep the gory details behind a cut at the bottom of this entry… but what else is new? Well, I almost hate to admit it, but not