Feeling sorta bleagh…

It’s been hell at work again. Typical.

Six months ago I dropped support for our Windows 2000 Server build primarily because we were moving to a Windows 2003 environment. I developed the build myself using VB Scripts, an imaging engine and Windows PE… it works pretty well and is very flexible. However, because of the difficulty in maintaining two seperate build-trees I rescinded future development of the 2000 build and instead chose to focus on Windows 2003.

Fast-forward to last Friday. It appears that because of a vendor not supporting the 2003 platform yet, suddenly I have to break out of storage all of my old working source trees for Windows 2000 and create a brand new image. Why? Well, in the last six months HP has gone through a major hardware refresh… and guess what doesn’t install on the new DL380G4 servers (our standard baseline server for the majority of our applications). Great. Three days of solid work to get a working, tested build on DL380G4’s and now I have a headache.

On the bright side, yesterday we got a pair of AMD64 machines; a DL385 and DL585, each with 8GB of RAM. Woohoo! Playtime!

On the home front… well I’m mostly tinkering with the bike now. Haven’t actually had a chance to ride it yet because I still have to deal with all the state paperwork to make it legal on the roads. I’ve been tinkering with it though, just making it “My bike”. Also I’ve really not had time or the weather’s not been good. Weirdest thing? Went through the garage this morning because I needed to get my fuel tester (weather permitting I’m going flying after work this evening), and on the floor next to the bike is oil. Not a lot, granted… but a pretty serious smattering. Weird thing is, the oil is behind the tailpipe and under the left turn signal at the rear. Last I checked nothing back there had any oil. I need to figure that one out… I guess that’s what I’ll be working on Saturday morning.

On the MythTV front… well it’s stable as hell in version 0.18. I’ve still got to take some pics of the setup and post them up on this blog for your enjoyment, but rest assured that the suite is awesome. Are there glitches? Yeah, certainly… but I can more than happily live with them. Next problem; running out of disk space. I think it’s probably time to invest in a SATA controller and a pair of 200Gb drives 🙂

Time to get back to work… that build I started on the DL385 is almost complete (I love IP KVM’s!) and I need to check to make sure it works as intended.

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