The Mac(trix) Reloaded

Well, it finally happened. I knew it would be too good to last… I had to reload the operating system in my Mac. Noooooo!!! Actually, it was a complete non-event. Let me give you a little history. So far since I bought my Macbook Pro, the laptop has worked flawlessly. It always worked when I needed it, never when I didn’t and generally was the best behaved laptop I’ve ever

Still Alive Over Here

I’m still alive… much to my surprise lately I might point out. Just wanted to post quickly to the blog to let everyone know that I haven’t either dropped off the face of the earth or metamorphosed into some other creature and gone hibernating. Having said that, with the weather here in St. Louis lately I’ve been more than a little tempted. Speaking of which, I tried to leave the

Globalization and the New Economy

Globalization is here, and it’s going to hurt. But, like most change this will be an awful lot of short term pain followed by long term gain. Sounds like a management mantra, but it’s true. Globalization sucks for the people caught in the middle today (the high-tech workers who actually directly drove up the price of tech workers during the dot-com boom) and will continue to. There are two sides

Saturday Rant

First some amusement. I was shown this link a day or two ago… and while it’s an old news story it’s definitely worth looking at; News report out of New Zealand regarding a goof on the national news. Basically, the upshot is that some technician obviously playing around with the systems put in that George W Bush was a “Professional Fascist”. Unfortunately, for some reason that to my knowledge has

Oh, and by the way

Today is one year since I went on my trip to the UK. One year ago, probably right this moment I was at Heathrow airport lugging my bags through the airport to get to the underground station. I remember it well. Here is the full UK set of pictures for those who haven’t seen them yet. Enjoy… comment… email me.

Briticism of the Week

Here’s a good British phrase for you yankees: Gobsmacked. If you don’t get it, allow me to define it for you. Gobsmacked: Adjective; With reference to being shocked by a blow to the mouth, or to clapping a hand to one’s mouth in astonishment. Yes, that’s a dictionary definition. Look it up if you don’t believe me. This is pretty much the reaction I had when I started talking recently

So… more on the changes…

Well, I did say there was more to the story. There is, but not a huge amount. Truth is, I wrote up yesterday’s entry yesterday morning, got busy and ended up letting in languish until yesterday evening… today I’ve just been really busy but I’ve finally gotten around to typing something up. Anyway, the Wednesday morning (last Wednesday), a colleague of mine swung by my desk. He looked at me

All Change

Well, I did it. After a lot of deep thought and sincerely mixed feeling I have given my two weeks notice at Citi. It was one of those things where there was no specific pressing need to leave, nor was I looking for another opportunity. However, as seems common in this industry an apparently good opportunity presented itself to me unsolicited. I’ll be honest, at first I was going to

The Human Memory and Triggers

It’s amazing how the human mind works, isn’t it? We can be going about our own business, doing whatever we do during a day and suddenly a single instant can change everything radically. Often we will encounter a trigger; something that makes us sit up and take notice, to remember something that maybe has lain dormant in us for some time. It’s a weird experience, and one that can throw

Life tend to throw curve balls

This last few weeks has been strange for me. Interesting, but at the same time rather worrying. It’s by now no secret that Citigroup is laying off a lot of their IT people. This is part of Mitchell Habib’s “NAIT” initiative. While I agree and sympathize with the stated objectives of the whole initiative, I have to admit that I find myself philosophically opposed to the methods he’s using. Basically,