People are Strange

Why is it that people are acting so oddly lately? It seems to be an epidemic of people I know who have recently begun acting in ways that seem contrary to their personalities… or at least as far as I can tell. Is it some form of malaise that has struck the entire St. Louis area? Friends of mine from outside this area seem to be immune… is it something in the air?

You’d think with summer coming up and the weather finally turning nice that people would cheer up… but the winter malaise that hits most people in the midwest during the winter seems to have given way to… well… a summer malaise. More to the point, why does it seem to be predominantly females struck with this sudden depression?

Yes, I’ve been down lately, but I know the reasons why. Mostly work-related stress that I’ve been coping with through my pastimes and trying not to think about work once I leave the building. OK, so I meet with varying degrees of success…

I would say perhaps I’m the cause of this, but I don’t have that high an opinion of my ability to influence others… nor am I conceited enough to think that I could possibly cause this. Maybe I’m just more attuned to attitudes of others this year than I have in previous years, but for some reason things just seem different. My interactions with friends seem to be undergoing a rather awful metamorphosis… as far as I can tell I personally haven’t changed (much).

Well, I’ll play wait and see on that one. Figure it’s probably the weather here at the moment… going from cold to hot and back again several times in the last few weeks, and supposed to rain tonight. I love St. Louis weather.

Not much else to write, just feeling like the world’s got a bone to pick with me all of a sudden and I want to know why! 🙂

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