Chronic Fatigue

I’m not sure what I’m suffering from. Maybe it’s depression, or some sort of malaise but I seem to be having a problem with chronic fatigue at the moment.

The symptoms? I’m tired all the time… I can’t get myself up in the mornings, though generally I am sleeping. This has been for a couple of weeks and I can’t fathom what the hell is wrong with me. It’s sort of worrying actually, though I also realize that it’s quite possible my worrying about it might actually be making it worse.

So maybe it’s stuff at work, maybe it’s something completely different… but I just have no enthusiasm for anything right now.

That’s really part of the reason this blog sometimes languishes for weeks without an update; I just can’t muster the enthusiasm to do it. Anyone out there reading this got any thoughts or suggestions?

In other news, managed to get back in touch with a very old friend lately. Found out he’s doing rather well for himself and living in Houston. That’s actually pretty cool from my perspective, it’s nice to hear about friends who’ve made of their lives what they wish and are happy.

Oh, and I didn’t get flying last night. A line of thunderstorms rolled across Missouri yesterday evening. They were North of where I live and work, but close enough to the airport that I called up and cancelled the booked plane before I even drove out there. It was obvious that I could have gone up, but the risk seemed to outweigh the benefit in my book. Maybe Monday… I went ahead and booked the plane.

Maybe I’ll get online and update again later… post afternoon coffee 🙂

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