Riding into the sunset sucks

It’s been a romantic image of movies for a hundred years. The hero, fresh from rescuing the damsel in distress / princess / willing sex slave mounts his horse and rides off into the sunset as the end theme plays. Now, until you’ve actually been a “rider”, then you’ll fail to realize that riding into the setting sun blows like almost nothing else on Earth. In a car you can use the sun-shades, block the sun with the bodywork etc. On a bike you can do nothing but maybe drop your eye level a little and hope the brow of your helmet blocks the sun from blinding you.

Obviously from my rant you can tell I just did this… damn that sucks. Important note for the future; wear shades! I have a pair… unfortunately they were in the garage at home, and I was on my way home at the time. C’est la vie I guess.

Nothing much to report at this time. As you can tell my blog has taken a back seat to life again, which is no bad thing. My life of late has been mostly riding every opportunity I get, learning the limits of myself and the bike and practicing all the stuff I learned at the MSF course. You know, it’s going to take me a long time to get all of this “down”, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s as close to flying as I get most days… I can only imagine the kind of mood I’ll be in when I ride to the airport, fly a plane for an hour or two and get to ride home again 🙂

I’m also learning that despite having a Corbin custom seat that was delivered with the bike (purchased by a prior owner), I’ve come to like the stock seat a lot more. Why? Well, the Corbin is nice, looks sharp… but it does give a harder ride. Fine for short distances, but doing any kind of serious riding can give you a serious pain in the arse.

Well, hopefully I’ll get some more time in the next few weeks to write again. I must admit it, I bought the bike primarily as a commuting tool, and a way to maybe reduce some of my monthly expenditure. I honestly never thought I’d enjoy riding as much as I do. It’s really much more fun than I ever thought it would be. As a result I’m riding every opportunity I get. Even riding in the rain once did nothing to dampen (literally) my enthusiasm. My jeans on the other hand were a completely different story. Add to that the windchill in my crotch…

I’ll leave the rest to your twisted imaginations.

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