Another day, another way

Good morning, greetings and salud! I bid you greetings from the fortress of ignorance!

Hmm, that didn’t sound good. Ah well.

You may note (if you visit here often) that the page hasn’t changed this week, either in appearance or text. Well, there’s a reason for that. I’ve spent this entire week working with some consultants from Microsoft Consulting Services on 3 seperate projects that are going on at work. Now, this is a lot of fun and is a learning experience… but part of the deal is I need to be at work a LOT of hours, and need to keep our guests from New York and Boston entertained. It’s a lot of fun but has meant a lot of late nights at the office or having dinner meetings. The postitive aspect is that I get to eat for free for a week… the negative is that I get too little sleep and not enough time to do anything else!

Oh… and the CARBOHYDRATES!!!! UGH!!!!!

Let’s see, Tuesday was Cafe O’s, Wednesday was PF Chang’s and Friday was Harpo’s. Thursday I “took the night off” to do some work for a friend diagnosing problems with his Windows 2003 server (I suspect it’s been 0wn3d).

Today I’m sitting here renting a truck so I can go pick up some stuff in Illinois for home, grabbing lunch at the Cracker Barrel in Troy, IL and having loads of fun going over my taxes with a fine toothed comb. Fun, fun fun!

Oh, and if you didn’t see last night’s episode of Battlestar Galactica then you’re REALLy missing out on the best quality television currently being produced. It’s a phenomenal series that I’m glad to hear has been renewed for a 20 episode second season.

While I wonder a little whether or not the second season SHOULD be 20 episodes, I’m still looking forward to it. Why not 20 episodes? Well, I worry about the ability of Ron Moore to actually keep up the level of storytelling and the incredible pacing of the show over such a long season. I mean, in the short 13 episode first season it keeps the hits coming hard and fast, and it might be tough to spread that so much. Well, we’ll see. Of all the people working in TV today, only John Straczynski and Ron Moore could pull it off anyway.

Speaking of which… JMS… now that you’re not doing The Memory of Shadows, how’s about pitching your ideas to save Star Trek to Paramount? Might be a good time to try to relight the flame that petered out sometime around the last season of Deep Space Nine!

Ah well, off the soapbox for another day…

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