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You know, it’s been a busy week… that’s part of the reason for no updates. Basically this entire week has consisted of 11pm get-home times, 7am start times and very little restful sleep. Well, at least on Wednesday I managed to get out for a beer or two, but that’s about as far as my week went. I know, boring.

On the bright side (GEEK!) I got my Hauppauge card… and a Soundblaster Live 5.1… and a cable to connect my new MythTV to my satellite receiver. As a result (and yes, I know I have no picutres yet) my new PVR is currently installing Fedora Core 3 as its core OS and I’m getting ready to see how much work it actually will be to build a PVR. Currently I’m down to 256MB of RAM since the 512MB stick I had turned out to have some bad bits (after three attempts at reinstalling to OS wondering why it was crashing so much… ARGH!). Figure I’ll get it running first, then go out and buy another 512 or even a gig and stick that in the box instead. I know I can get it working on 256, especially since I only have one input stream (the Hauppauge) rather than two.

Yay! As I type it’s reached “Post Install Configuration”

In other news, well not much. It’s 75 degrees, sunny and beautiful outside. So why am I not out enjoying it in a Cessna? Well… quite simply because I’ve had such a long week, and fighting what amounts to a case of depression that all I really want to do today is stay inside and ignore the rest of the world. Is that bad?

Anyway… I’ll update when I have more info on my MythBox.

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