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Darn, last day of vacation

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Well, today’s my last day of the vacation I took last week which allowed me the time to create this new blog site. Keep checking in if you’re interested, I am going to continue to update this with stuff I find interesting. I’m also going to play a little bit with color schemes, so if you find this page totally disgusting one day, please feel free to contact me and let me know!

For now I figured just a quick update, despite the fact there’s nothing really new to report. Just that I had a great weekend, a great vacation and though in part I’m looking forward to returning to work tomorrow, it’ll be a shame simply because I’ve been having fun! What can I say? Had a great dinner Saturday night at Cafe Balaban complete with a great bottle of wine! If you get a chance to eat at this FANTASTIC restaurant, then do so… I highly recommend the Beef Wellington if you’re a fan of MEAT!

As far as flying news; not much. Weather stinks at the moment, but I did talk to my old flight instructor this morning and asked him about getting a Complex endorsement on my license. Figure about 5 hours in a 182 with an instructor to add this rating, then I can fly more complicated planes (retractable gear, constant speed prop). I’ll have to decide if financially it’s going to be worthwhile in the immediate future, but I’ll hopefully get to do it before the end of the year. Here’s hoping, right?

BTW, stay tuned; I’m going to write up a review of the Motorola MPX220 because I just want to talk about the experience a week or so after buying it. It’s a trip…

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