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Yes, for those who’ve asked… I’m still alive and kicking. Just busy as hell with work and home stuff that’s been eating me alive.

Well, enough has happened of late that warrants an update I think. First is the fact that I can now update this thing from work when I’m not really busy… say during lunch… so hopefully I can get more time to work on this blog.

Second, and I’ve received some email asking about this, yes the MythTV box is ticking along quite nicely thank you. Still no pictures yet, but I’ll get some as soon as I get a chance to. It works really well actually, in fact some might say surprisingly well for a product that is (a) free and (b) not even at version 0.2! I’ll take some time later today to write up some more info about it for your enjoyment.

Third, I got my bike this weekend!!! Sweet! OK… so it’s going to take some practice for me to ride it. I have ridden before but it’s (a) been a long time and (b) that bike weighed a good 50% less than this new one. As a result my first attempt at riding the bike was a little… interesting. Ah well, some practice and I think I’ll be in good shape. Now all I’ve got to do is get the title changed, tax paid, plates… oh you know, all the fun stuff.

As I said, more later… when I get some more time!

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