It's been a hot minute since I shared a shot of my handsome #stlnanuq I can't resist this face and the little bugger knows it…#siberianhusky #huskiesofinstagram

"You wouldn't download a car…"Well, I might, but I'd certainly download another 70hp #polestar2 #polestar

Well, I thought I was ready for Loki to come home. I wasn't.Sleep well my old friend. #stlloki

Today my holly bushes that Loki used to lay under for hours are blooming and filled with honey bees. This makes me happy. #happymoments

My heart is heavy. The seizures came back with a vengeance today and Loki was injuring himself in the process of each seizure. The meds stopped them for a time but then they came right back. At 4:45pm central time he crossed the rainbow bridge and is now at peace. I took this one last picture in the time when he was sleepy but lucid after the seizure meds had kicked in. He passed peacefully knowing he was loved.Goodnight #stlloki #siberianhusky #huskiesofinstagram

Well I'm ready for the eclipse on Monday #dwarflabs #dwarfii. A quick shot of the sun today, video Monday I hope

Every meal you makeAnd every thing you bakeEvery snack you shakeEvery bite you takeI'll be watching you…#stlnanuq #siberianhusky #huskiesofinstagram #stlouis

An update on the old man for everyone. After a scary few days when he didn't seem to recognize us, he seems to be at least partly back and semi mobile. His right leg is still paralyzed and he has no feeling in it, but he seems to be able to use it. Left leg seems improved.The seizures continue and we have changed his medication to try to get them under control. He is waking up and calling for help in the early hours of the morning and is unable to control his bladder during a seizure.But he's responding to his name again… At least as much as the stubborn old man used to anyway. And he is being much better with Nanuq after the last few days of acting terrified of his little brother. Not out of the woods yet but we have a go forward and still hoping for the best. #stlloki #siberianhusky #huskiesofinstagram Photo taken yesterday while eating lunch at Have a Cow.

Send good vibes for the old man Loki. #stlloki is in a bad way this week. Suffered several grand mal seizures this week with no identifiable cause and has been left paralyzed in his right leg and partially on his left. His behavior has turned extremely erratic and verging on violent. He's having trouble recognizing people and even Nanuq.Not the best pic I have of him, but one of the most recent of the old man. #siberianhusky #huskiesofinstagram

Night walk through the Redwoods Tree walk in Rotorua… The lights are so beautiful and made for a lovely end to the evening… #newzealand #redwoodstreewalkrotorua