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The Human Memory and Triggers

It’s amazing how the human mind works, isn’t it? We can be going about our own business, doing whatever we do during a day and suddenly a single instant can change everything radically. Often we will encounter a trigger; something that makes us sit up and take notice, to remember something that maybe has lain dormant in us for some time. It’s a weird experience, and one that can throw

Life tend to throw curve balls

This last few weeks has been strange for me. Interesting, but at the same time rather worrying. It’s by now no secret that Citigroup is laying off a lot of their IT people. This is part of Mitchell Habib’s “NAIT” initiative. While I agree and sympathize with the stated objectives of the whole initiative, I have to admit that I find myself philosophically opposed to the methods he’s using. Basically,

Four Days with the Macbook Pro

Well, I did it. As I said in my earlier posting, I’m switching to an Apple Macbook Pro. Well, this week I placed the order and went ahead and bought myself my first Mac laptop. So after four days with the Macbook Pro, what’s my feeling so far? Well, it’s a really nice little machine. I love the wide, bright and easily readable screen as well as the keyboard that

Switching Gear(s)

This is it, I’m finally going to do it. I’m going to switch. For those unfamiliar, Apple had a big marketing campaign about two years ago now to “switch”, i.e. to change from the Windows platform to the Mac platform. This campaign actually met with a modicum of success, at least in part based on the integration Macs have with the very successful iPod. Sure, you’ve got iTunes on Windows

Fourth Lament

I don’t know if anyone really realizes how alone one can be at this time of year. It’s the 4th of July, and to me this is actually one of the toughest times of year. I came to this country almost 11 years ago now… so this is now 10 times I’ve lived through the 4th of July. It’s interesting, and it’s also sort of depressing. Even my wonderful wife,

Oh, and technical stuff

I almost can’t believe I had to do this, but I’m so tired of “spam comments” being posted to this blog that I’ve written a little cron job that’ll erase every comment nightly in the database that contains a hyperlink. So if you’re going to comment, don’t put any links in your posting! You have been warned 🙂

Parts and Pieces

Do you know how difficult it is to find parts for a 1991 Honda Nighthawk???? At least, it’s tricky to find parts that usually come stock, and usually last as long as the bike! Finding replacement handlebars for my bike has proven to be a royal bear. Let me preface this by pointing out that I was very happy with the handlebars on my bike up until my little accident.

Good Morning Colorado

Just for anyone who’s interested, I’m in Colorado this week. Two weeks ago I was in Tucson, AZ. Yes, I’m traveling a lot on business these days. Business trips are sort of cool… sort of suck. This one was a last minute deal, literally. I found out at 2pm on Monday I was coming out here, I flew out at 8:30am on Tuesday. Talk about last minute scramble to plan

Quiet in here, innit?

Greetings and salutations… and welcome again to my site. Hopefully the last two months have been good to you, I know mine have been busy as all hell! So what’s up? Well, nothing really. Life’s just been so hectic I’ve not had time to post to my blog… or generally keep up with email… well actually I’ve not really used my computer much in the last few months, truth be

Best of Both Worlds

You know, the nice thing about technological quandries is simply that there’s usually a solution around that fits both sides of the quandry. From my post the other day you can tell that I was in two minds of what to do regarding my router, Vonage and so forth. My decision was between building a new Linux-based firewall, or buying a firewall that had some more advanced functions (QoS). So