Yeah, thanks for the emails guys!!! It’s gratifying to know that someone actually reads my prattlings on occasion 🙂

I had it pointed out to me by email that the Asian tsunami actually occurred in 2004, not 2005. Still, despite that my rant yesterday still should convey the same message; the American media still tends to ignore world events in favor of those which have occurred at home. I know that the American media is not solely guilty of this, but does it not strike people as odd that in a world that is so connected and where information is so readily available, the news media which to some is the source of all their knowledge seems to actively ignore the rest of the planet?

Personally, I’m avoiding the common media like the plague this week. The last thing I need at the end of the year is a bunch of vapid talking heads speaking unintelligently about the same old (fluid) numbers of those killed by Hurricane Katrina. It’s not that I don’t care; I do, but I just have no care for the way the media latches onto a story and sucks it dry in the name of ratings. Hmm, sound like leeches, don’t they?

Rant done 🙂

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