Still Alive Over Here

I’m still alive… much to my surprise lately I might point out. Just wanted to post quickly to the blog to let everyone know that I haven’t either dropped off the face of the earth or metamorphosed into some other creature and gone hibernating.

Having said that, with the weather here in St. Louis lately I’ve been more than a little tempted.

Speaking of which, I tried to leave the house today to take Rebekah and the kids out to eat and out of the house for a bit and managed to trap myself on some ice. OK… couldn’t get out that way… what about the other way?

Same thing. Yup… I live in a bowl, and right now I can’t get more than half a mile from the house. To add insult to injury, trying to loosen myself and turn the car around I appear to have fried the ABS module. Fantastic… busted a $600 part. Well, it can be rebuilt, but damn what a pain.

I think it’s time to break the SVX out of storage again 😀

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