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In part, to track my vehicles and the changes they go through, I’ve added a new “Automotive” category. That way, you can also ignore my posts if you don’t really care 🙂 Read more if you’re interested, otherwise move along… nothing to see here.Still here? Good. OK, here’s some new changes in my garage lately;

1. The BMW is still in the shop. It went into the shop on March 18th, 2008 to have the head gasket replaced. Unfortunately, the communication I’ve received from the shop that is currently working on it has been bad and I’ve ended up having to call them in order to find out what’s going on with my car. I called last week to find the tech working on my car had been off sick for almost a week. That previous week, I had called to find out my car had only gotten into the shop on the 24th because of a backlog of work. That’s bad customer service in my opinion.

2. Oil change on the Volvo S60. 86,480 miles. Used Valvoline Max Life 10W30 since we’re coming into the warmer part of the year. Also did an alignment and wheel balance at NTB, and noticed that my transmission fluid could probably use a flush soon.

3. My Chevy Venture minivan is gone. Sold it to a friend of mine, at least in part to pay for repairs to my Bimmer. Also, three vehicles was a little overkill, so a few weeks ago we agreed to the transaction, the price and so forth. I drove to Oklahoma this weekend and delivered said van, flying home last night on Southwest. I still don’t enjoy Southwest’s “Cattle Class”, but it’s cheap and it was only a short hop (1 hour, 20 minutes) from Oklahoma City to St. Louis. Compares well with the 8 hour drive down there  🙄 

So yes, this might classify under “Journey Reports” as well, but not much to report. Went down to OKC, had some nice Hibachi for dinner on Saturday, geeked out at some classic cars that were rolling around town, saw an awful lot of motorbikes yesterday around Moore, OK and finally as I said flew home last night. Not much to tell really 🙂

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