Fun tip; when riding down Bluff Road south of Valmeyer Illinois, you can stop right here and cool off. Ambient temperature was 91… I stood here in the 68 degree cool for a bit. #ridingtherapy #bmwmotorrad #ridingillinois

More normal #foodporn for you from #craftedstl this time. This salmon and veggies is absolutely amazing. Still not drinking, but when the food is this good, why worry about alcohol? #stlouis #towergrove

There are days working from home that I wonder how I ever get any work done with this little guy looking for attention 🙂 #stlnanuq #siberianhusky #huskiesofinstagram

Dinner tonight; a shrimp creole from Crabtown in Bricktown. Very tasty #foodporn

Semi normal #foodporn service resumed. Grilled barramundi with mango salsa and a side of sauteed spinach. And was delicious by the way!

I'm all about new experiences but a night in an emergency room in Oklahoma wasn't high on my list. I've had a few hours sleep since then and now we get to find out why I ended up there.I'm ok, friends… But last night was extremely rough… Negative for a heart attack but I was showing a lot of symptoms.Kudos to the staff at Saint Anthony's who were amazing. Next week we start figuring out the why.

It occured to me that in all the times I've been here since I lived here, not once have I made it to the Murrah building memorial. #oklahoma

After a lot of exercise today, an awesome chicken piccata along with entertainment from Morgan the musical bartender at Charleston's in Bricktown #okc #oklahoma #foodporn

Second hike of the day in #oklahoma

Morning walk looking back on the city #okc #oklahoma