The march of Time

Recently shopping for new hardware… partly my new game PC but also an updated Plex server for home.

Can I just say that considering that Moore’s Law is long since dead, I continue to marvel at and be amazed by the fact that my 5 year old i7-based laptop is now handily matched (and in some ways beaten by) a brand new i3 in a NUC that burns about 1/6 of the power that the older i7 did… and all that in only 4 CPU generations.

AND… having upgraded said gaming PC, I am blown away by this new i7 being almost twice as fast as the 5 year old i7, burning about the same amount of electric (net) as it’s predecessor, but based on only marginally different transistor sizes.

Now, there are plenty of other factors that make my new PC faster; it’s water-cooled and a desktop-class chip instead of an air-cooled laptop, it has an NVMe primary hard drive instead of the SATA one in the old machine, it has a faster GPU… but man, this new computer is FAST! I’m liking.

But seriously, Alienware… why did I have to dig up a new SATA cable to wire in my 2.5″ SSD? Could you not have included that in the box??

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