OMFG, a bit of History Surfaces

[Cross posted from the Subaru SVX Club Site, because it’s just cool!] 

Well, history for me, anyway. And for some here I know that this piece of history will interest you (since I’m one of the “old timers” of the Yahoo club, and then this site… and Usenet before that…) 

Back in the mists of time, I owned my first SVX. It was a polo green 1995 L AWD… and boy did I love that car. I drove it a LOT of miles… about 50,000 or so… before I traded it for a Saab 900 Turbo in 1998. You can read my witterings from ten years ago here, which is a copy of my website from a LONG time ago… so please don’t email me about broken links!!! I learned a lot from that car, and really learned more than I wanted to about wheel bearings… but I did love driving it and did miss it when I was gone. The Saab was less fun, but more practical, especially when I started dating a woman with a daughter! Car seats and coupes are not good bedfellows 🙂

Anyway, I digress. Two SVX’s later, I leave the fold for the final time and buy a BMW 330i last year. Again, a shame… but practicality won out over my desire for an SVX. I loved all three of my SVX’s and miss them all (though the 94 less than the 95 or the 96… because it had issues…)

Jump forward to yesterday. I am still an SVX fan, so I go hang with pearlm30, someone who lives local and has a small menagerie of SVXi much to his wife’s chagrin. While I was over there I spotted his new one… it was green… like my 95 and my 96. He told me it was a 95 L AWD. I smiled and wondered, “What if?” So I begin to think; what would have been a sign that this was my old car from 10 years ago? What would give it away and still last through all this time and who knows what else? Then it comes to me; I remember in 1997 I loaded an HP Netserver into my back seat because it wouldn’t fit through the trunk opening. As I did so, I scuffed the back of the drivers seat and left a few scratches and a tiny divot in the seat. I grinned, opened the drivers door, flipped forward the seat…


Whoah. What the hell are the odds?

He and I didn’t leave it there though… today he was going through the car some more and found an old title with my name on it… and he removed the alarm system; a Viper 600HF that I installed right after I bought the car. So yeah, he has just bought my original SVX!

So I am going to take some pictures soon of it as it stands today. The years haven’t been kind. The roof is faded badly, the bodywork in general has seen better days. The transmission is toast apparently, and the interior… well… the less said about that the better. I am amazed the back of the drivers seat survived enough for me to see the divot and scratches… the rest of the interior has definitely been better. I know… I kept it better! 🙂 I’ll post here again when I get some photos of the car. Denny (perlm30) is going to part the car out probably, use it to fix his cars and salvage whatever he can from it. Me, I’m just pumped to see my car again, even in that state. I look forward to a nice weather day so I can get some pictures before he really tears it apart… sort of a memorial to an old friend.

So anyway… those who don’t know me probably won’t care much… but those that do know me, know that I have been around the club a long time. Back on the Yahoo club site, I was the owner of post #3, the first two being from the founder (Jester… wonder whatever happened to him?). Before that I was calling for an SVX club on Usenet (google it if you don’t believe me) and am always glad to see what the club has become.

I may never own another SVX, but I will always be a fan.

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