What’s been Happening?

This is starting to become a weekly thing, isn’t it? Well, almost weekly. It’s at least updated when I have something to say! This week I don’t have much to update on, just some rambling to let people know that I’m still alive.

So what’s been happening this week? Well, not much truth be told. As an update to one of my earlier postings, I am going home again. Yep, it’s official; I’m taking two weeks off work in early October and going back home. I’m pretty sure none of my family know about this blog, so I can talk about this right now. I’m not going to tell them until I arrive either.

I won’t give too many details here though, but suffice to say I’ve got a pretty full two weeks ahead of me, and I’ll be creating a new article about the trip including pictures. I’m going to try to update it DURING my trip using my laptop and a wireless hotspot or three. So keep an eye out during the last couple of weeks in September when I’ll start a brief overview of my preparations to leave. I’m psyched and looking forward to it a lot. Should be a lot of fun, as well as make me feel a lot better about things.

Other than that, just work really. Same old, different day. My A/C works a lot better now, maintaining temperature pretty well and not freezing up like it did. Of course, given it’s been in the 90’s the last few days here (about mid 30’s degree celsius for anyone reading from a more metric country), so it’s been warm enough to really test the A/C. Riding the bike has still been fun until you get stuck in traffic, then it gets pretty grim. I deliberately stopped carrying my laptop around in my backpack during the really hot days as that extra weight on my back just makes me even more grim.

The bike… ah yes. I’ve now ridden that bike over 1500 miles since I got it. Surprised? I was too. I just realized that the other day. This weekend I plan to get it up on the center stand and adjust the chain tension, check the sprockets and generally do a little maintenance that needs to be done. Still getting about 50mpg, so I’m definitely not complaining, but I am concerned the idle seems a little low for a bike (around 800rpm)… I’d expect a higher idle since the bike itself is more high-strung (gets most of its power around 3000rpm and above). Still, I’m going to read through my Clymer’s manual tonight and see what I can figure out there. Maybe I just need to adjust something.

Well, ’nuff updating for today. I gotta go and get back to work. Coffee breaks are fun, which is what I use to get these little tirades written

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