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Is an electric car in my future?

The question of electric vehicles is vexing to someone like me. With manufacturers announcing their intent to reduce or even eliminate internal combustion engines (ICE) in favour of electric vehicles (EV) in the next few years this question came into relatively sharp focus in the last 6 months or so. So I had to ask myself; is an electric car in my immediate future?

How on Earth do I WFH?

So I figured it’d be best since we’re all apparently shut-ins for the immediate future to give my friends some words of wisdom.

Best Practices for Data Integrity and Security are Frequently Written in Blood

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In my job I touch on a lot of technologies. That’s good, because otherwise I would probably get pretty bored! But every now and again I get a good question come up about an aspect of technology that I think bears publishing an article about. The question in its unedited form; Serious but probably stupid question. No one in my household has more than a halfway remedial knowledge regarding computers.