Death of a Sysadmin

Here’s a rant I posted to Slashdot today that I thought you should read. Computerworld posted an article here, that said in item number 9 that PC Network Admins were a dying computer skill. I wholeheartedly disagreed and posted the following to Slashdot as a comment on the article… Seriously, I would say demand for *good* network administrators is only going to increase because of server consolidation. Why? OK, let

New Toy… Again…

Heh… after all my prattling about the E-Ten M700, I’ve bitten the bullet and bought… something else. What? Oh… yeah. OK… so I was really sold on the idea of the M700; a slick device with a fast CPU, WM5 and an integrated GPS. The cool factor was definitely there. So what happened? Did the luster fade so fast? No, not really. I still love the M700, but I’ve been

Alive Again

If you’re a visitor to this site more than occasionally, you’ll probably note that (a) the system has been down for a few days and (b) that this blog has gone through a few changes. Well, there’s a good reason for that. I’ll keep the gory details behind a cut at the bottom of this entry… but what else is new? Well, I almost hate to admit it, but not

The Apple iPhone (Part 2)

Originally, this article was going to be about the OpenMoko, and why I was likely to buy it. However, I changed my thoughts a little and decided to write more about what’s wrong with Apple’s stance on third-party development, as well as my feelings on the mobile platforms of the future. Symbian gets it. Sun gets it. Hell, even Microsoft gets it… and until recently I thought Apple got it.

The Apple iPhone (Part 1)

OK, here’s my analysis of the iPhone and why I probably won’t be buying one. Now, everyone who knows me also knows I love Apple’s stuff usually. I have an iPod that I swear by, and I run an Apple Macbook Pro as my primary platform. I’ve always thought OSX was the best balance of functionality and flexibility in an operating system, and as such I’m very happy with it.

The Mac(trix) Reloaded

Well, it finally happened. I knew it would be too good to last… I had to reload the operating system in my Mac. Noooooo!!! Actually, it was a complete non-event. Let me give you a little history. So far since I bought my Macbook Pro, the laptop has worked flawlessly. It always worked when I needed it, never when I didn’t and generally was the best behaved laptop I’ve ever

Still Alive Over Here

I’m still alive… much to my surprise lately I might point out. Just wanted to post quickly to the blog to let everyone know that I haven’t either dropped off the face of the earth or metamorphosed into some other creature and gone hibernating. Having said that, with the weather here in St. Louis lately I’ve been more than a little tempted. Speaking of which, I tried to leave the

Globalization and the New Economy

Globalization is here, and it’s going to hurt. But, like most change this will be an awful lot of short term pain followed by long term gain. Sounds like a management mantra, but it’s true. Globalization sucks for the people caught in the middle today (the high-tech workers who actually directly drove up the price of tech workers during the dot-com boom) and will continue to. There are two sides

Saturday Rant

First some amusement. I was shown this link a day or two ago… and while it’s an old news story it’s definitely worth looking at; News report out of New Zealand regarding a goof on the national news. Basically, the upshot is that some technician obviously playing around with the systems put in that George W Bush was a “Professional Fascist”. Unfortunately, for some reason that to my knowledge has

Oh, and by the way

Today is one year since I went on my trip to the UK. One year ago, probably right this moment I was at Heathrow airport lugging my bags through the airport to get to the underground station. I remember it well. Here is the full UK set of pictures for those who haven’t seen them yet. Enjoy… comment… email me.