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Na -Weep-
Ninny - Bon

Which is the universal greeting for..........

Welcome to Ray's page!!!

This page is divided into several sections.  Stuff that I like and info about me, Pics and links to my best friends and thier pages, and several pages of an illistrated story of my alter ego.......RAYMAN.  Last but not least are a few pages of fantasy art that I love and want to show off, so if you like art of that sort then by all means have a look and I hope you enjoy.  I put the links up front on the left so you can go straight to what you want instead of scrolling.........CAIO!

Info about me J / Stuff I like / My friends / Adventures of RAYMAN / Dragons Page I / Dragons Page II / Transformers Page / My SVX Page

Since this page is dedicated to yours truly I guess I should start with a little bio of myself......

Name: Ray Allen (Ray is my middle name and we will leave it at that)
Age: 28
Birth Date: Nov. 9, 1975 (I'm a scorpioe, which rules!)
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Blue for the most part, Green when I'm doing something I shouldn't
Ethnicity: About as white as your average wall (English, German, & Irish)
Height: Around 5'8"
Weight: 200lb..
Major: International Bus. & Management Info. Sys
Minor: East Asian Studies (Japanese is my foreign Lang.)
Hobbies: Playstation!!! I also do a lot of painting of Pewter miniatures, and am currently writing a fantasy novel.
Anything I forgot: ????

animated chess
I am also forever making a chess set with my pewter miniatures.

Here is a little about myself:
I was just an infant when my native planet of Krypton was destroyed and my biological parents sent me in a shuttle to the planet Earth where I was found by the Kents......Oh, wait a second, that was Superman.  Sorry, strike that.  I actually grew up as a military brat.  My Dad was in the Navy so I spent most of my time moving different places.  For the most part I lived in California, with short stays in Bermuda, Oklahoma, and Texas.  In Cali I lived first in San Diego, then spent my teenage years in the Bay Area before moving to the  state of Texas which is where my Dad and brothers reside now.  My mom & sister live here in Oklahoma, so you would think that I would see them more than my Dad & brothers, but I don't.  During my time here at OU I have adopted a new family which consists of all my close friends, pictures of which will probably make up the majority of this site.  So, I'll quit rambling and just get on with it.  The rest of this page will be mainly about things I like with links to other sites I like to visit.  At the bottom will be the links to my Friends, Adventures, and Dragon pages pages.

Stuff I like

These are some of my favorite things on the web.  To check one out just click the image or the web link provided.....

Star Wars I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. Of Han Solo, in particular. In my opinion, he is the coolest man in the universe. Episode I was great, not as good as the original trilogy but it has some potential. I just hope to God that James isn't right and Jar Jar becomes the next Lord of the Sith :-O  Wouldn't that suck!!!. Any way, I had a great time at the Star Wars Convention I went to in Plano with Marisa. 

If you want another great SW site that tells a lot more about Star Wars then try here.

Playstation Yep, I'm an addict.  My friend James and I got into Playstation when it first hit the states in '95.  We have been avid players ever since, although I would have to admit James is by far a worse addict than I.  I don't know how that boy plays as much as he does and still stays in school.  Here is a couple of good sites if you are needing any news concerning Playstation or if you just need a good cheat. -This is a link to a page of good Playstation sites, including Absolute PSX

My TF Page! I am a huge Transformers fan, it was my favorite cartoon growning up and still collect the toys, I have made a page of my collection of Transformer pics that I got off the web, some of them are from the hard to find Japanese television series, which is a hell of a lot better than the American version. 

Just click on the picture to the left to see my TF page.  I hope you enjoy them. 

Here is a really great site for Transformers, the guy who made it is a little obsessed with Starscream of all characters. Other than his terrble taste in idols, it is a great site that has pics, vids, and sound clips of Transformers.

These are my other pages, just click the link to go there!

My Friends
These are the people I consider nearest and dearest to me.  They have always been there for me to remind me that I'm not alone, and that things are never always bad.  James once told me that,
"Friends are God's apology for relationships".  Any of you that have been in one can probably agree.

The Adventures of RAYMAN!
If you like fantasy art work then you will love this page.  It is full of all the beings and creatures that I encountered on my Travels, enjoy!

Email Me at

I hope you liked my page, if you want to reach me just click on the icon above and send me an e-mail.  I am an e-mail junkie and love getting it, i am also pretty good about replying to it..........Ja mata ato de :-)  (see ya later!)

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