Disappointed, Hurt and Tired

Isn’t it amazing? How life just always seems to confirm your worst suspicions, even when you hope for the best. Today has left me feeling bitter, tired, disappointed and incredibly hurt. It’s also left me with a certain sense of inevitability that I had been putting aside (I thought) for the good of those closest to me. It now appears that an attempt at a power trip has taught me that I was wrong to hope for the best from people, and that instead I should just accept that some things I do not and will never have power over, and that I need to protect those things that I do. Continue reading

First Post in almost a Year!

OK… second post. :P

Well, I just got it confirmed and totally official; I’m going to VMworld this year in San Francisco! Woohoo! I can’t wait. I had a fantastic time last year meeting up with old friends and making new friends while I was at it. It was a truly incredible experience, at least in part because VMware are quite open to allowing competing vendors in.

There was a recent brouhaha on the blogosphere about the exhibitor agreement containing language that seemed to indicate that VMware was preventing competitors showing off their products… but it appears that was mostly generated by someone else trying to drive traffic to their own site. Figures;

1. Create a virtualization blog
2. Post deliberately inflammatory article
3. ???
4. Profit!

Hmm, now I know where I’m going wrong!!! Woohoo! Time to drive some traffic to my site with an inflammatory article about something no-one reads! Like newspapers ;)

Quick Update

Life has taken loads of turns of late… for the better, and the worse. Still, I’m surviving, getting by and am actually still alive.

To who’ve emailed lately wondering if I’m OK… thank you… I am. It’s just been rather hectic and trying to respond to all the people who’ve been in touch is tough… but I WILL be in touch with all of you. I’m hoping to add much more to this blog going forward… and yes, I know I’ve said that before… but this time I’m serious.

More content coming up… stay tuned…