Everything Changed, No-one Noticed

Heh… got to amuse myself with this a little. Did anyone even notice that nodecaf.net moved today? Yes, indeed.

Basically, it was becoming impractical for me to keep running the server out of my house. I’m planning a vacation to the UK in a month, so for the duration of the trip this whole site was going to be shut down. That meant my friends sites, and my email. Of course, as history has now demonstrated I didn’t want to do this. Plus the fact that I get free Internet access through work, and the DSL is just an additional unnecessary expense at this time.

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My Car Grew a Pair…

… of doors. Oh… and changed color.

Hmm… lost its front wheel drive.

Gained a 5-speed.

And has a blue and white logo on the hood instead of the constellation of Pleiades.

So what’s going on? Have I lost my marbles? No… but I have left the SVX fold for the last time. My SVX started having some issues which I won’t go into here… suffice to say they were bad enough that I finally decided that the SVX community is going to lose an “owner-member” and gain a “non-owner-member”.

For a few weeks now I’ve been driving a BMW. Yeah, I know; yuppie image but it’s a great car. A real drivers machine. It’s got four doors, a 5-speed and a 3 liter inline six that puts the power to the road through the rear wheels. I’ll review it more later… today I just wanted to update the blog to let everyone know my latest.

More soon… promise.