More Bleeding Edge Reports

Well, my first post in a while… and want to know what it’s about? Yeah; technology.

While the iPhone has been stealing headlines of late, I’ve been quietly keeping my opinions on the down-low. Generally, I have a lot of opinions about it… and this is not gong to be another rant about the iPhone. Rather it’s about my device of choice; the Cingular 8525 / HTC TyTN.

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New Look… Material?

OK, if you checked my blog earlier today, you’d have seen that I added a new theme. Well, I intend to add more content soon, as well. Just to prove I’m not dead :)

Not going to make excuses; life’s been busy. I’ll fill you in soon… but it wasn’t helped by the fact that Ecto (my blog editor of choice) was having difficulty with WordPress (the blog software I use). I forced an upgrade today which fixed all the problems I was having… now maybe I can use this thing again!

Anyway… now that I have a good offline editor, maybe I’ll start writing more. Maybe not… we’ll see :)