New Toy… Again…

Heh… after all my prattling about the E-Ten M700, I’ve bitten the bullet and bought… something else.


Oh… yeah. OK… so I was really sold on the idea of the M700; a slick device with a fast CPU, WM5 and an integrated GPS. The cool factor was definitely there. So what happened? Did the luster fade so fast?

No, not really. I still love the M700, but I’ve been following posts on the E-Ten Users Forum show it to be rather buggy with a rather crappy camera. OK, I don’t use a camera phone much… but if it’s going to have a 2MegaPixel camera, then it needs to at least take passable shots. The shots I’ve seen from the M700 are not good; drab colors and an almost pervasive “scan line” problem. E-Ten doesn’t seem intent to fix it, instead focusing on selling their device through other providers. I waited… and waited… and I can wait no more.

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Alive Again

If you’re a visitor to this site more than occasionally, you’ll probably note that (a) the system has been down for a few days and (b) that this blog has gone through a few changes. Well, there’s a good reason for that. I’ll keep the gory details behind a cut at the bottom of this entry… but what else is new?

Well, I almost hate to admit it, but not much. Life is busy as always; always hectic. My Mac is still working out as an incredible tool to use on a daily basis, in part because of it support for open standards like X, as well as having Windows running in a Parallels VM on my desktop. This basically means I have the power of three environments to play with on one screen; OSX, UNIX and Windows. All this with one machine, one screen, one mouse and one keyboard. Sure, it means sometimes my screen can get a little cluttered, but it’s more than worth it.

Hopefully I’ll get more time to write soon. As the weather warms I hope to be getting out and doing more interesting stuff, too. For now, well if you want to see the gory details of my last few days then click below.

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