The Apple iPhone (Part 2)

Originally, this article was going to be about the OpenMoko, and why I was likely to buy it. However, I changed my thoughts a little and decided to write more about what’s wrong with Apple’s stance on third-party development, as well as my feelings on the mobile platforms of the future.

Symbian gets it. Sun gets it. Hell, even Microsoft gets it… and until recently I thought Apple got it. Third party development drives platforms, not the other way around. Can you think of a single platform that survived to the present day in which all of the operating system and applications were “first-party” i.e. produced by a single manufacturer? I think Commodore tried it once… it was called the Plus/4 and it was NOT a great success.

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The Apple iPhone (Part 1)

OK, here’s my analysis of the iPhone and why I probably won’t be buying one.

Now, everyone who knows me also knows I love Apple’s stuff usually. I have an iPod that I swear by, and I run an Apple Macbook Pro as my primary platform. I’ve always thought OSX was the best balance of functionality and flexibility in an operating system, and as such I’m very happy with it. So the argument contained herein should be interesting from the point of the person voted “Most Likely to Buy the iPhone” at work…

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