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As you may have guessed, this site concerns one of the coolest cars ever made, the Subaru SVX!! The SVX was a sports-coupe and had a much different design than the usual box-shaped Subarus. It has the comfort and room of a luxury car yet the sleek look and drive of a sports car. Unfotunately, the SVX was underappreciated by consumers in the US (stupid Americans) and so they pulled the production of the SVX after only 5 years.
The SVX was sold from 1992 til 1997 and there was only a total of 15,000 made for all five years, if you can believe it! Mine is the Subaru Anniversary Edition that came out in 1993. They only made 600 of them!! It is the sweetest car I've ever owned and I love it! It is my pride and joy. That is why I've decided to make this page.


I recently crashed my new baby car.. on January 23, 2000. It wasn't my fault!! There was ice on the roads and the woman in the right lane next to me didn't know how to drive. Next thing I knew, she had spun out and landed sideways directly in front of me. This would never have happened if she wasn't speeding on ice. I swear, you give someone an SUV and they think they are invincible. I tried to avoid her but couldn't and smacked right into her side. The woman and her son in the car were alright since they were both wearing seatbelts. Her car was completely destroyed.. It would nothing less than a miracle from God to fix it. My car was damaged pretty badly but at the same time, mine was still drivable enough to move it off the highway (The SVX is all steel construction makes it weigh a ton, but it's a tank). But still... My poor car.... *sob* I have some pics of the damage which as soon as I get a scanner I will put up. It doesn't look too bad but the parts are TERRIBLY expensi ve. $7,000 of the $10,800 is made up of the parts.
Thanks to insurance my car is now being fixed. I'm not sure of the total cost but it looks like around $10,800 worth of damage. While that is alot, there is no way I would trash this car... In the time I've had it, I've grown to love this car more than anything. It should be fixed like new in about two weeks. Until then I'm driving a rental car.
On the bright side (which is very hard for me to see..) I'm going to get the new paint job that I had been thinking about for free (not that it needed one.. it only had one or two small scratches on it, orignally.. I just want it to have a new coat so that it would look it's best)

Ok, I finally got my car back on March 7, 2000. The auto shop did a great job. It looks great. When I picked it up there were still a few little things that needed tweeking. For instance before I paid for it I wanted to take it for a test drive and when I did I noticed first that it was a lot louder than I rememberred. It turns out that one of the mufflers was also busted which will cost me $350 to fix. I will do that later, since right now I'm broke. Then after about a block tons of smoke started pouring from the engine so i brought it back and it turns out that they spilled some transmission fluid on the exhaust manifold....so, that wasn't too serious. They cleaned it up and I came and got it the next day. It has been driving fine but I am still waiting on a part for the engine. It's a vaccuum canister which reburns unused fuel. The engine lags a bit because it is missing but not too much. All in all I am happy to have my baby back :-)

If you would like to see pictures of what my car looked like after the accident: CLICK HERE

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