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My Friends

We all go through life just stumbling through life trying to figure things out and when we fall down these special people pick us up, dust us off and help us on our way...These are our friends and more than that they are our family.  Though, not of our flesh they share our heart which is far more important.   Some of the links are not up and running yet but as soon as I get some pictures of them i'll get them up............ (hint for everyone who hasn't sent me one ;-)

Just click on the pic to find out more.....

James Brown
Marisa Ramon
Kuo Huang
Amy James
Farhan Saadi
Kati Meyers
Gavin Haslett
Mark & Char Blauser
Benedict Wang
Crissy Flemming
Gannon Clark
Jennifer Billig
Anne Ashley
Brian Gleason
Toby Ceselski
Sherana Bakhsh
Jenny Koelm
Emily Presson