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Dragons Page 2

You see how terrified that dragon is just by seeing me.  I ordered him to put her down and he laughed....uhh.... I mean did exactly what I told him.  That's why I LET him live.

This is "supposed" to be the Dragon Sage who knows all.  I came to him to find the answer to life, the universe, and everything.  All he said was "42"....What the hell is that supposed to mean.  Stupid Dragon.

This a tapestry that I aquired from an in I stayed in once.  The Inn Keeper was busy taking care of other business so I decided to releive him of it, but  I tell you that fire in the stable wasn't easy to light in the rain.

This is the famous Dragon Healer.  She cares for these creatures very much, more so than I ever would.  This Dragon is always sick, but can you blame him.  If I had a nurse like her then I'd always be sick too!

I had to wait under that rock for almost an entire day before that damn thing decided to leave.  Dragons, can't live with them and usually can't kill them.

I would have helped her but I was already busy saving the ... uh... errr... princess?.... well I was doing something important I'm sure.

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