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Page of Dragons

Here are some more creatures I have met on my adventures.  They are all Dragons.  The whole bloomin' countryside is filled with them.  Most of the time it's best just to stay out of their way but sometimes ya just have to show them who's boss.

I have stared into the eyes of death with this creature.  We looked deep into each others eyes, wondering which of us would be the first to strike....I anwered that question quick enough by bolting out of the cave like a man trying to escape the clutches of an ugly woman!

This was a mighty opponent....well would have been if I had actually fought him instead of kicking my sidekick out from behind our hiding place screaming, "Take him, there is more meat on his bones than mine!"  Tonto still doesn't let me live that one down.  I don't know what he is so upset about we're still alive aren't we?

This Dragon was thought to be extinct.  A pupil of mine was the one who discovered that it was very much still alive, he found out the hard way....but you know the old saying, "Better him than me!"

Wow, I really didn't think she would be back that quick!!!  That thing really scared the crap out of me, and I really liked those pants too.  Oh well, I got the egg though!!

This fight cost me $50.  I was sure the Great Red would win, who knew Whites could fight so well.  I'm getting tired of Mark always being right.

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