My Want List

Born On: June 8, 1998

Last Updated: December 1, 2001

My Wants
Strawberry Shortcake Rose Petal My Child Care Bears Herself the Elf Lady Lovely Locks
Regular Line
Party Pleasers Line
Berrykins Line
Sweet Sleepers Line
Blow Kiss
Minis & Deluxe minis
Cousin Minis

Strawberry Shortcake:

Regular Line of Dolls:

Lemon Meringue’s Frappe Frog

Party Pleasers:

Angel Cake w/ Souffle Skunk

Orange Blossom w/ Marmalade

Apple Dumpling w/ Tea Time Turtle

Cherry Cuddler w/ Gooseberry

Mint Tulip w/ Marsh Mallard

Cafe O'le w/ Burrito

Almond Tea w/ Marza Panda


Banana Twirl w/ the Banana Berrykin

Plum Pudding w/ the Plum Berrykin

Peach Blush w/ the Peach Berrykin

Mint Tulip w/ the Mint Berrykin

Orange Blossom w/ the Orange Berrykin

Sweet Sleepers:

Orange Blossom’s night gown, pet, and bag

Lemon Meringue’s pet and bag

Raspberry Tart’s bag

Blow Kiss Dolls:

Orange Blossom

Angel Cake

Baby Needs A Name


Berry Beachy Beach

Berry Patch Sun Suit Set

Berry Sunny Garden Outfit

Berry Sweet Party Outfit(came with an outfit for her pet)

Berry Ballerina Ballet Outfit(came with an outfit for her pet)

Berry Wet Beach Outfit(came with an outfit for her pet)

***Berry Rainy Day Raincoat set***(missing boots)

***Berry Sleepy Pajama Set***(missing slippers)


Berry Bake Shoppe

Berry Baby Bassinett and carriage (for baby dolls)

Figboot (Strawberry Shortcake’s friend dinosaur)

The attic and fun room furniture for dollhouse


Strawberry Shortcake holding a present

Strawberry Shortcake holding three berries

Strawberry Shortcake w/ bushel of berries

Raspberry Tart w/Rhubarb playing on see-saw

Raspberry Tart on roller-skates

Lemon Meringue picking a flower

Lemon Meringue w/Frappe Frog

Lime Chiffon w/Parfait Parrot

Lime Chiffon dancing

Mint Tulip w/duck in shoe

Almond Tea sitting on cushion

Cafe O’le dancing around hat w/Burrito

Peach Blush holding a fan

Peach Blush holding a mirror

Cherry Cuddler w/gooseberry w/balloons

Apricot in a wheelbarrow

Purple Pieman w/Berry Bird

Sour Grapes w/ Dreggs

Deluxe Miniatures:

Strawberry Shortcake in rocking chair

Almond Tea sitting at table having tea

Cafe Ole sitting at Potters Wheel

Plum Pudding w/Elderberry owl at chalkboard

Peach Blush w/Trellis

Cherry Cuddler flying in Airplane

Apircot w/ Hopsalot at vanity

Strawberry Shortcake sailing w/ Custard***(need sail boat)

Angel Cake w/ Souffle at desk***(need desk)

Blueberry Muffin /w Cheesecake playing piano***(need piano)

Lemon Meringue at sewing machine***(need sewing machine)

Mint Tulip w/ Marsh Mallard w/ Flower Cart***(need flower cart)

Miniature’s Houses:

Strawberry Shortcake’s home (Shortcake House)

Blueberry Muffin’s home (Garden Shoppe)

Raspberry Tart’s home (Soda Shoppe)

Rose Petal:

Sunny Sunflower


Lily Fair




Rose Petal Purse


Garden Belle

Flower Dreams

Bathing Beauty

Painting Posies

Petal Pushers

Rose Water

Tea Rose Party

Any ceramic figurines

My Child(by MATTEL):

Any dolls and clothing.

Care Bears:

Need accesories to all of the posables.


Bedtime Bear (Napping with a nightcap)

Bedtime Bear (Sleeping on a fluffy pillow)

Birthday Bear (holding a milk bottle)

Champ Bear (kicking a soccer ball)

Cheer Bear (Holding a paint brush and artist's pallet; wearing blue beret)

Cheer Bear (holding a megaphone)

Friend Bear (Sitting with a blue flower)

Friend Bear (Holding a popcicle)

Friend Bear (Holding a soda)

Funshine Bear (With bluebird on shoulder)

Funshine Bear (Carrying baton, blowing whistle and wearing band leader hat)

Good Luck Bear (Digging For Treasure with a shovel)

Good Luck Bear (With a lucky ladybug)

Grams Bear (Wearing a shawl)

Grumpy Bear (Dropping ice cream on his foot)

Hugs Bear (Making paper dolls)

Love-a-lot Bear (Holding cut out hearts)

Love-a-lot Bear (holding up a large bouquet of red roses)

Love-a-lot Bear (Sharing his heart)

Share Bear (with a box of heart shaped candy)

Tenderheart Bear (with a little star buddy)

Wish Bear (Holding a wishbone)

Wish Bear (Holding genie lamp)

Care Bear Cousin Minis:

Brave Heart Lion (With a heart shield)

Cozy Heart Penguin (Wearing ice skates)

Herself the Elf:


Flower Shower

Herself the Elf's Home

Lady Lovely Locks:


E.I.Curly Crown

E.I. Fair Hair

Maiden Mysty Curls(complete)


Merry Curl Dragon (the green one)

Curly Kittens:

Peachy Puff

Sapphire Shy

Pinky Paws

Palace Pets :

Sunny Soft

Creamy Coat

Purple Purr


Regular line:

Party Dress

Riding outfit

Slumber set

Enchanted Island line:

Plush Wrap

Sparkle Pretty line:

Birthday Party Dress

Garden Party Gown

Any other accessories / pets that go with the toy line

Any help in finding any of these pieces is greatly appreciated!!

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