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Born on: June 27, 1998

Last Updated: June 5, 2003

Tutti was Barbie's little and youngest sister. Of course, she is my favorite. She was before my time but my mom had bought 4 Tutti dolls at garage sale when I was born. I don't have alot of vintage Barbie stuff (all I have is what my mom bought at that garage sale and a few dolls I bought this year)but what I do have, I cherish. Vintage Barbie items do, I admit, cost alot but then hey! they came out over 35 years ago! The average life of a Barbie doll is supposed to be 25 years(but I guess we proved them wrong!!)I love Barbie dolls new and old but Tutti (and her friends)is my favorite and I can't seem to find any webpages about her. So, Tutti, this is for you.....

Tutti (to see brunette Tutti) came out around 1966-71 (14 years before I was born). She only had 2 real friends.

That was Chris (1967) (to see the blonde Chris) and Carla (1976, She was only issued in Europe. She is also the only african american in the real tutti sized doll produced). Here is a European Tutti.

Now you might say "no, she had three", but Todd (1966 only as "Sundae Treat" then really in 1967) was her brother. And we all know how brothers and sisters are...

There were other Tutti type dolls made by MATTEL during that time and they could pose as Tutti's friends.

There was Buffy (1968-70; from the "Family Affair" tv series) and her little doll Mrs. Beasley, and the "Pretty Pairs" series (1970):

"Fran and her little doll Nan" (She was another african american doll),

"Lori and her little bear Rori" click here to see pic ,

and "Angie and her little doll Tangie" click here to see pic .

I don't know if there were any more since I'm not an expert(hey! I'm only 18). All the info I have is from shopping around and seeing the dolls or packaging. So please excuse me if I got any small details wrong.

Of course there were plenty of accessories (clothing, cases, gift sets, etc..) that came out for Tutti and boy, are they cute (and expensive!). I'll list a few items and if you know of some more then..... GREAT! (PLEASE TELL ME!!). To see outfits and cases made for Tutti and her friends click on the IMAGE MAP BELOW!

Tutti Outfits Tutti Cases & Playhouses Tutti Giftsets

There were a lot more clothing and accessory items but they came out only in the Canadian and European markets. Those items don't really have names so they are much harder to figure out if they are Tutti items or not (especially if they lose their tags).


If you are wondering why Carla came out in 1976 while the Tutti line stopped in 1971, it because in the European and Canadian markets the Tutti line lived on until about 1980.

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