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Created on: July 27, 1998 mcflower Last Updated: June 30, 2015

My Child dolls were an adorable part of the 80s! My theory is that they were Mattel's way to compete with the popular Cabbage Patch Kids, who at the time were produced by Coleco. And in my mind, CPK was NO competition. They may have had an abundance of cute accessories, but MCs had THE FACE! Unfortunately, my view was not shared as the My Children line had a short production run, ending in 1988. Coincidentally, 1988 is when Mattel purchased the rights for CPKs. Cabbage Patch Kids continue their run even today. Boo! (ok.. well, CPKs aren't soo bad ;) but MCs are my #1 love! <3)

I received my first My Child doll when I was only 5 or 6, for Christmas, and I still have her. Her name is Hope. She's brunette with green eyes in a purple pinafore dress. You can see a picture of her and others in my personal collection archive. Now I would say I own over 100+! A bit addicted? Hmmm.. Probably!! lol

Hope you enjoy my site....... If you'd like to chat, just send me an email. :)

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My Personal Doll Collection (None of my dolls are for sale, sorry)

Lots of My Child Dolls

Lots of My Child Dolls

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