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Let's Rescue Some
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Created on: February 20, 2000 mcflower Last Updated: January 24, 2004

Restoring dolls can be the best part of collecting. It's great to watch a doll go from grubby to fabulous in a matter of hours! Below you will find tips to help you restore your little one to her former glory, even if she has hair cuts or stains.
Please email me pictures if you use these methods as I would love to see the results! =D "Before/After" pictures are my favorite!

Light Cleaning: Heavy Cleaning: Hair Cleaning: Forehead/Chin Wrinkle Fixes:
* Gentle Wash
* Drying Tips
* Sink/Tub Soaking Method
* Washing Machine Method
* Washing
* Re-Parting
* Styling
* Complete Facelift Method
* Tug N' Sew Method
* Hair Dryer Method

That's about it for now....
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