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My Artwork

These 2 paintings are part of my 3 piece series which is dedicated to my favorite comic book character Death.....I figured I should put them up since it's something I mentioned I like to do and here's the proof *smile* These two paintings are actually around 2 and 1/2 feet tall but I think that would take a little long to load and probably wouldn't fit on your web browser*smile*

1 of a 3 part series 2 of a 3 part series

This is my drawing of Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy 7. He is my favorite character from the game. Although some may disagree(and you know who you are...*smile*), to me, he is the coolest. Of course, now that I've seen FFVIII pictures....Squal Leonhart may make Vincent my second favorite. Hey! I can't help it if Leonhart is better looking *smile*
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Vincent Valentine from FFVII
I made this picture for my friend Curtis. If you would like to see his page: Click Here

Well, these are a few pictures of what I've done....unfortunately, I gave alot of artwork away to friends but maybe if I ever remember to save money for art supplies, I'l be able to put up more pictures *smile*

1999-2001 Marisa R.

Since July 11, 1999

These are my own personal drawings/paintings and therefore my copyright so if you use these please link back to me.Thanks, Marisa Ramon